This picture captures what was definitely one of my favorite experiences of taking my senior pictures with Wolfgang. For this photo, he told me that he wanted me to do a cool jump high off the ground, so I jumped and he snapped this picture, capturing his vision of me leaping over the city. Seeing his vision come to life in a picture was one of my favorite moments of the shoot.

-Erin Vandergrift, Richmond, Virginia

We had a truly wonderful experience at Wolfgang Jasper Photography! From the very beginning, it was professional, comfortable, and fun. Wolfgang and Beth were extremely helpful and prepared. For years we had wanted a family picture with our dog but never did as he is quite energetic. Usually this happens when you get a discount coupon for popular medicines. Wolfgang
encouraged us to bring him and not only did he do a fabulous job working with our boxer, but also with our very mobile one year old baby! It was far easier than we ever anticipated. The beautiful photos are on my mantle and EVERY time I come in the family room and see them there it warms my heart and makes me smile. I can't thank you enough. They are superb!!
The entire staff is so warm, friendly and accommodating. They really took the time to know us and now that we know them, we can't wait for our next opportunity with them.

-Cathy Massie  Richmond, Virginia

Wolfgang and Beth,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful family portraits you did for us two years ago. At that time, my daughter was only 3, but you were able to capture her fun and happy personality perfectly - playing with me and snuggling with her mother. What is amazing is how timeless your photography was. What I mean is that, even though she has grown tremendously over the past two years, the portraits still reflect her spirit. It is almost time to do another family portrait, and we won't hesitate to visit you - maybe this time with our dogs.

Rob Racine

Richmond, Virginia

Beth and Wolfgang –
Thank you all so much for my bridal portrait session!  I had so much fun.  You guys were so sweet and so kind.  The weather was perfect, my hair, my make-up, the dress, the photos…everything was just perfect!  It was a blessing and I wanted to thank you so much.  It is a perfect memory that I’ll always cherish.  

Thanks again!

~ Kristen Mink Davis, Richmond, VA

My dog Buddy won Stony Point's "Top Dog" for the month of July, and one of his prizes was a portrait from Jasper Photography.  I would just like to say that you could not ask for better service than I received from them.  From the time I made the appointment to the time of picking out Buddy's portrait it was all handled very professionally, when making the appointment they were very interested in wanting to know what I wanted out of my portrait.  The time in the studio was the best because you get to see how great they are with animals.  
I would highly recommend Wolfgang Jasper Photography to all my friends and family.

Trish Elder, Glen Allen, Virginia

Bugsy joined our family several years ago when he simply “landed” in our lives and our backyard.  In the time since his arrival, he has supplied us with endless joy and laughter!  Photographing Bugsy was important to us as we wanted to have a lasting memory of him that truly captured his unique spirit and personality as well as all of his eccentricities, of which there are so many.  Wolfgang’s ability to translate Bugsy’s very nature from live dog to photograph was in one word, genuine.   The lasting images of Bugsy remind us of everything unique about him, from his howling bark to his fashionable wardrobe, but most importantly of his kind-natured and open heart.  Wolfgang’s work of Bugsy is truly art and will be treasured by our family for a lifetime!

Keith & Alyson Newton, Richmond, Virginia

PS – I was really blown away when I saw the photos of Bugsy – it is exactly what I wanted!    
Our dog, Locket, is a high-energy beagle, yellow-lab mix that we adopted from FURS (www.fursdogs.org). We wondered if she could sit still for the photo shoot, yet we hoped Wolfgang could capture her loving nature. The images are more than we hoped for. Wolfgang creates a peaceful atmosphere during the shoot, and he brought to life Locket's beautiful coat, eyes and markings, along with her sweet soul. We were so pleased with the images that we chose to use them for our Christmas card. Beth brought her artistry to the project and we designed a memorable, custom card that our family and friends are still talking about!

-Carol & Tripp Billingsley