About Our Studio

Wolfgang Jasper Photography is a studio where partners Wolfgang Jasper and Beth Beaven Jasper use their artistic sensibilities, technical craftsmanship and genuine warmth for capturing the beauty of their subjects to create portraits that are unique and memorable. As the primary photographer, Wolfgang Jasper brings to his work more than thirty years experience in professional photography, a Master’s Degree in Fine Art and an uncanny ability to capture all that is special about you. Beth Beaven Jasper, also an artist, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and twenty-plus years in business operations and management. Together they make every effort to ensure that your experience at Wolfgang Jasper is fun and relaxing.

Cultivating a warm, inviting atmosphere in the Studio produces better portraits. Wolfgang Jasper Photography is unique in that their Studio sessions are unhurried and enjoyable in order for you or your family to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. Wolfgang Jasper Photography’s mission is to create portraits that reflect and reveal the very best in each person. It is a mission that is achieved time and again. At Wolfgang Jasper Photography each portrait is a cherished work of art that becomes a treasured heirloom.